Learning Center

Various Agile events – trainings, courses and meetups. Agile evening gatherings and Lean Coffee mornings.

Every one of us has different experience, has made their own mistakes and learned different lessons. At our training center we would like to connect people practicing Agile. To share our successes and failures and to exchange experience.

Trainings and Workshops

We organise various Agile events and provide creative and highly effective learning environment. Our training facility is easily reconfigured to fit the event type and the size of the group. We promise that the time spent here would be full of new knowledge, useful skills and positive experiences.


We at bTalks Agile believe that the encouraging environment is a solid base for making professional connections and sharing experience. That’s why we strive to create a modern, cosy and pleasant space where one could relax and have a coffee in the company of other people practicing Agile.


Our center is located at a very communicative spot in Iztok district. By metro: 1 min walking distance from Joliot Curie station, by 413 bus: 2 min walking distance from WTC Interpred, 7 min walking distance from all the bus stops at Pliska and less than 10 min drive from the city center of Sofia.

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