bTalks Agile helps companies, teams and individuals to improve their own processes and working environment by providing Agile coaching, training and consulting services. The results achieved are recognised by both the companies’ management and the beneficiaries of the provided services.

bTalks Agile Delivers Business Value

Agile Training

bTalks Agile organises predefined and customised trainings with a focus on various Agile topics. By using different exercises, games and simulations, we successfully discuss and put Agile ideas into practice during our events. As a result, the participants are well-prepared to apply the lessons learned in their daily activities.

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Agile Consulting

Do you need an external advisor to consult you in implementing Agile practices and improving your workflow? We could help with analysis and a detailed action plan to be implemented in your company.

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Agile Coaching

Our coaching programme helps your team to gain knowledge and skills, and to choose the right methodologies. Together, we will identify the problem areas and will create an action plan. We will proactively take part in its implementation and improve the team motivation, productivity and quality of work.

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