About Us

bTalks Agile colaborates with companies, teams and individuals to improve their own processes and working environment by providing Agile coaching, training and consulting services. The results achieved are recognised by both the companies’ management and the beneficiaries of the provided services.

We Can Help You Succeed with Agile

We provide Agile coaching and training sessions in order to help teams improving their processes and working environment by adopting and implementing Agile practices.

  • Mission

    We help organisations to improve
    their own processes and implement Agile
    practices with focus on long-term
    success and employees’ satisfaction.

  • Approach

    Customized support, tailored to fit
    the specific vision of an organisation
    over traditional frameworks and boxes.

  • Experience

    More than 13 years in IT and
    project management.
    PMI certified trainers.
    Two years on the training market.

Our Team

Meet us in person

Teodora Todorova

Teodora Todorova

Teodora Todorova has been in the software industry for 15 years – she started as a developer and went through almost all roles involved in software project implementation.

Throughout her career Teodora has always been interested in examining the human behavior and in analysing the project success factors related to processes and people. This is how her love for Agile was born, first as a mindset and attitude and afterwards as established practices and flexible process. Agile is her real passion now and she tries to apply it in all aspects of her life.

In 2017 Teodora founded bTalks Agile, a consultancy that helps companies, teams and individuals to achieve better results in their Agile journeys by providing pragmatic coaching, training and consulting services. Her mission is to help people embrace the Agile mindset and optimise their processes by applying Agile practices.

Our Clients

Какво споделят някои от клиентите ни:

SmartIT - http://www.smartit.bg/
“Обученията по "Agile Business Analysis" и "Agile Product Owner" бяха изключително полезни, интераквитни и ефективни. Теодора е впечатляващ Аgile треньор. По време на обученията, тя успя да създаде страхотна атмосфера и да ни представи необятните си знания и опит по темите.”

TechnoFarm - https://www.technofarm.bg/
“Обученията бяха полезни за целия екип, тъй като ни помогнаха да структурираме правилно работата си, да планираме по-добре задачите и сроковете в проектите.”

Partners and Memberships

bTalks Agile is a member of one of the biggest non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting Agile Software Development - Agile Alliance. bTalks Agile entered a community of over 70 000 members sharing the same goal of applying values, principles and good practices of Agile. Individual members, large corporations and followers of the Agile Alliance are part of this huge community, where we from bTalks Agile have our place.

bTalks Agile Ltd. is a member of the biggest, most representative and influential branch organisation in the sphere of information and communication technologies in Bulgaria - Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies /BAIT/.

ERP Academy is an innovative project of leading Bulgarian and global business software companies and experts that unite efforts to make higher education closer to the real needs of the business, and future employees – as fully prepared for the labor market in the areas of business management and IT. We are happy to be part of Academy’s partners network and to support the initiative.

British Bulgarian Business Association (BBBA) encourages business relations between Bulgaria and the UK, and we are happy to be one of BBBA's members.

bTalks Agile is a proud partner of BESCO (Bulgarian Startup Association) – A non-governmental organisation that acts as a bridge between startups, private and institutional investors, the government and other stakeholders in the innovation industry.

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