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MultiTraining Program

Long-term training program, which is converted into real results and work habits. Unique approach aligned with each participant’s needs. Structured and focused learning roadmap developed based on individual’s experience, knowledge, needs and career goals.

Certification Trainings

Certifications are important because of personal commitment to gain knowledge. Certificate without beneficial knowledge and practical skills is useless. We will help you both get an Agile certificate and gain practical knowledge and skills needed in your day-to-day work.

Coaching Teams

Our unique approach is aligned with the corporate goals and each individual employee’s needs. You may have already introduced Agile into your company, or you’re considering to. Whatever stage you are in, we are here to help you level up your teams.

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Silver Card

Silver Card

You are

freelancer, junior developer, recently graduated student in IT field, developer not working with Agile, career changer etc.

and you need to

learn the basics or fill gaps in your knowledge about Agile, fully understand the Agile way of working and/or expand your Agile experience so that you can work in software companies

We can help you by giving you:

  • 4 workshops from our pool that will give you the foundation or that will fill your gaps
  • e-content for the selected topics including quizzes, videos, articles
  • The opportunity to meet our certified trainers and gain their expertise from the best software development companies
  • 6-months flexible schedule

Gold Card

Gold Card

You are

already experienced in software development projects, a developer, QA, designer, data scientist, DevOps engineer or part of a team that use Agile practices and principles

and you need to

understand the whole concept behind Agile and/or link the theoretical knowledge with the experience from the practice in order to improve your team collaboration, help your team to be more efficient, to deliver faster with better quality

We can help you by giving you:

  • 8 workshops from our pool 
  • e-content for the selected topics including quizzes, videos, articles
  • Personal learning roadmap customized for your specific needs created by our trainers
  • 10-months flexible schedule 

Diamond Card

Diamond Card

You are

Scrum Master, Project Manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Product Manager, PMO Lead, Team Lead or ambitious to develop yourself in one of these leadership roles. You are responsible for building and improving processes in your organization

and you need

to deepen in specific Agile concepts, to expand your Agile toolbox and to acquire new skills and knowledge to level up your teams.

We can help you by giving you: 

  • 12 workshop from our pool
  • e-content for the selected topics including quizzes, videos, articles
  • Personal learning roadmap customized for your specific needs created by our trainers
  • One two-day certification training
  • Participation of 12 open Q&A panel sessions
  • 12-months flexible schedule


Agile Events Calendar

We present you our calendar of upcoming events for the next 3 months. We will appreciate your feedback in order to plan the topics that will be most useful for you.

April 2021 >>

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  • MultiTraining Workshop
  • Certification Training
  • Free Event


1 Apr 2021

Building Team's environment

7 Apr 2021

Agile Risk Management

8 Apr 2021

Leading by Example

13 Apr 2021

Guiding Change

15 Apr 2021

Kanban and flow of work

19 Apr 2021

Measure and manage flow (Kanban II)

22 Apr 2021

Agile Testing

29 Apr 2021

The challenges of growing teams in remote work

Sample Learning Roadmaps

Preparing a personal training program by a certified trainer is part of the Gold and Diamond MultiTraining packages. Please find below a few sample plans that are currently used by some of our Agile enthusiasts.

Learnign Path Junior

Partners & Membership

Learning Center

We created a space to connect people who want to know more and to practice Agile. Every one of us has different experience, has made their own mistakes and learned different lessons. At our training center, we organise events for people practicing Agile where we could share our successes and failures and to exchange knowledge. Entrance is free for attendees and speakers. If you’d like to become a speaker and share your experience, get in touch with us at [email protected]

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