You have probably heard of the expression “growth mindset”, how valuable it is for companies and how it can turn to be an organization`s most powerful asset. But what exactly does it mean to have a growth mindset in your company and how establishing a “coaching culture” can help organizations turn this concept into a reality?

Establishing a solid growth mindset in your teams is a fascinating pursuit and in general means creating a learning culture at your organization that enhances performance, employee engagement and productivity. People with a “growth mindset” enjoy challenges, do not fear making mistakes and learning from them and consistently see potential to develop new skills.

For organizations willing to invest in their teams` and leaders` ongoing development, who understand that a learning culture is not a package that you deliver but a continuous process, coaching can turn to be the most valuable and effective instrument.

To put it simply, coaching means helping an individual to improve their performance by unlocking their personal and professional potential. It means sitting down with a coach in a comfortable safe environment where one can feel free to be vulnerable and share about his strengths and weaknesses, goals and plans. The coach is someone who can ask you the right questions, assist you in the process of self-awareness and be an active listener.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching is a reflective learning process where the coach takes the role of a facilitator. It can take different forms but the most widely understood types of coaching are either focused on individuals or teams.

  • Individual coaching whether you are looking to maximize your leaderhip impact or you are someone planning but also maybe fearing a substantial change in your career, the benefits of individual coaching might be exactly what you need. Coaching is an effective way to strengthen your leadership performance and to help you take and act on decisions that you have been postponing and avoiding. Working with a coach can also help you realize that you hold all the answers to your problems, but maybe you need someone to ask you the right questions that will help you create this sustainable change for a more fulfilling and successful career.
  • Teams coaching Just like for individuals, companies and teams with a “growth mindset” can greatly benefit from working with a coach – someone who will ask them to analyze, reflect and take actions during the process. Coaching for teams is an ongoing learning conversation during which the coach will use the team`s relationships, shared experiences, and different behaviors in order to improve overall team effectiveness. Team coaching is a way to build better strategies for working more successfully together!

What are the benefits of coaching in the workplace?

When it comes to workplace coaching there are many benefits to developing an authentic coaching behavior at work. Although, coaching works at many levels and the chosen methods, speed, goals and actions depend on the coachee`s particular needs, it is always based on reciprocal actions between the two parties.

Here are some of the potentials, coaching could unlock, regardless of the level and depth of change/improvement one might be looking for:

  • Coaching can provide clarity, direction and focus
  • Coaching can help you become motivated again and make things happen at work
  • Coaching can increase your awareness and understanding of yourself and others
  • A coach can help you integrate easier into a new role, deal with performance issues or offer consultation on strategy
  • Coaching can help teams who are struggling with communication, reflection and self-correction and improve their effectiveness
  • Coaching can help you explore fears on the workplace and address concerns
  • Coaching can help business leaders at all levels leverage their leadership skills

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