Communication and Assertiveness

One-day training

Learn how to differentiate between different communication styles and which style is appropriate and sharpen your perception of assertive communication style.

About the training

Suitable for the whole team

How to learn to differentiate between different communication styles and which style is appropriate; Aim of the workshop is to sharpen our perception of assertive communication style.

Learning outcomes

What will happen during the one-day training?

  • We will learn more about assertiveness and its benefits;
  • We will get acquainted with the different styles of behaviour in conflict and how to recognise them;
  • We will get acquainted with some blocking manoeuvres in aggressive behaviour;
  • We will train assertive behaviour;
  • We will experience and distinguish the non-verbal components of assertive behaviour from those of aggressive and passive behaviour;
  • We will build a perception of our own style of behaviour;
  • We will be able to identify it and guide it better in relationships with others.


Maybe you are compliant and not sure how to state your needs in the right way?

Are you afraid of conflict situations and tend to avoid them?

Maybe you are aggressive and victory in the dispute is at any cost?

Do you allow the ideas and needs of others to prevail and thus everyone loses to some extent?

This probably makes you feel powerless and your ideas go unheard. You build up resentment, your relationships with others weaken. Others become alienated from you, you lose touch with them and their trust.

Whether we are compliant or aggressive - the result is dissatisfaction, stress and tense relationships.

Assertiveness helps us to act in our interest, to defend our opinion, taking into account our own and others' needs and desires. Assertiveness is a natural skill for some of us, but it can also be purposefully developed.

Assertive people are less likely to be in conflict with others, they are more likely to meet their needs, and it is easier to build supportive relationships.

This is what we will focus on in the training.


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